Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Cycle of the Spiritual life

I've been reading in the book of Judges this week as part of the Life Journal readings. One of the things that Judges makes clear is the cycle of faith, fear and reconnect that seems to be the normal pattern of any life in faith.

The cycle in Judges is this 1. God sends a deliverer to the people who rescues them from oppression of some sort (the Edomites, the Philistines, whoever). 2. God, through this mighty hero rescues the people and there is peace and prosperity. 3. In the prosperity the people turn away from their commitments to the Lord. 4. God permits some foreign people to attack and oppress the people. 5. The people cry out to the Lord for help. Repeat as needed.

It occurs to me that I live this same cycle, with some variation. I find that when I get in too deep and often way over my head, those are the times I turn to God and pray hard, and seek redress and help. Those are the times I realize I need a deliverer. God always comes through, lifts me up, gets me the help I need and I am again on the road to peace and hope. Then, when things are going well, and life is smooth I begin to think I can take care of myself, I can handle this deal on my own, all of that kind of thinking comes to the forefront and more often than not, I wander off or get ensnared in some other thing that is not good for me. I am in too deep and I cry to God for help. Repeat ad infinitum.

How is the cycle of your spiritual life? What can we do to stay true?

Dr. BJ

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