Monday, August 25, 2008

How to Change the World

There is little doubt that the world needs to be changed. Politics, economic upheaval and disparity, war, disease, all the "isms" that should have been "wasims" long ago -- all point to a world that is in deep trouble. It is also true that any study of human history will quickly reveal that the world we live in deals with the same problems the world has always dealt with. Humans have a propensity for violence and greed and self destruction as well as some interesting combinations. It is inherent to our fallen nature. To quote Toby Chief from Joe versus the Volcano: "We are children of children and we live as we are shown." The troubles of the world of 2008 may be different in terms of substance and even magnitude but the essential nature of our difficulties are no different than any other era of human history. As Walt Kelly's Pogo put it many decades ago: "we have met the enemy and he is us."

How do we change the world? The Biblical answer is pretty simple. We begin by changing ourselves. Changed people change the world. When my brokenness has been healed; when my guilt and sin has been cleansed; and when my propensity to violence and greed has been broken, then, and only then, will I see the world through new eyes and work for change.

Christ Community begins an eleven day call to pray and fasting today (August 25). It will end of September 4. I have encouraged our community of Christians to pray for the following: 1) Personal renewal (cannot change the world until we are changed): 2) family renewal and transformation (pray for our homes and our families); 3) church renewal (our community needs to more effectively reflect we who claim to be); 4) the world.

Could it be possible that while running around trying to change everyone and everything else we have missed the essential first step? I think it is.

My prayer for these 11 days: Lord Jesus, change me. Transform me, remake and remold me into the kind of human being you created and redeemed me to be. Change my heart, change my thinking, help me change my behaviors and let me to see the world and its people through your eyes.

Join me in this renewal of the world, one person at a time.

Dr. BJ

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