Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An image of determination

In Luke 9:51 we run across one of the more powerful images of determination I've ever seen or read. It says "Jesus set his face to go to Jerusalem." Jesus has already told his followers, at least twice, that they are going to Jerusalem where he will be betrayed, crucified and in three days rise. I've always wandered at what point did Jesus know this information? Was he fully aware of his divinity as a baby? Did he know he was the Son of God as a toddler? We know from Luke 2 that he knew he "must be about his father's business" when he was 12, but at what point did all of this become clear to him? At what point did Jesus know?

Regardless of when he knew it, by Luke 9:51 he is fully aware of what awaits in Jerusalem and yet he has set his face to go there. I am overwhelmed by his inner strength and challenged by Jesus faithfulness. How often do I turn away from conflict even though to face the conflict is the most faithful thing I can do? How often do I flee from uncomfortable responsibility because to do the right thing or the faithful thing might prove to be inconvenient? Jesus "set his face" to go to Jerusalem.

Do you have an unpleasant task ahead of you? Do you have something you know you need to do, know it will be uncomfortable to do so, but to be faithful you have to follow it through? Use Jesus as your example, be resolute, set your face toward the task and do what you need to do.

Dr. BJ

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