Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back from Africa

Hi everyone:

Sorry I haven't written in a few weeks. I've spent the past 17 days travelling to/from and being in the East African country of Uganda. I am working with a training program called Nexus Seminary Uganda that was the brain storm of Ugandan Rev. Davis Matovu and is being supported by my good friend Rev. Alan Howe.

In the past two weeks we have journeyed into the rural areas of Uganda, we led seminars in places like Kayebe and Kikyusa and participated in the graduations of students in Gombe, Kayeba and Luzinga. The goal is to train 2000 rural Ugandan pastors. We have about 1930 to go. We also launched a new training site in a place called Caini.

These journeys are life changing and world altering. I am amazed and occasionally overwhelmed by the hospitality, deep desire for learning, and passionate love of Jesus Christ that my friends in Uganda have. These good people have little or no material belongings but what they do have is a commitment to relationships and to the Lord Jesus Christ that has twice now restructured my heart and renewed my faith.

It was great to go, it is good to be home.

Dr. BJ.

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