Friday, January 16, 2009

Mark 12

The thinly veiled threat to the religious leadership is couched in the parable of the tenants. The owner (God) has sent prophet after prophet and the people did not listen. They will listen to my Son . . . judgement is coming.
The mark of "kingship" was that you minted your own money with your own face on it. The money actually belonged to the king (he made it and as king everything belongs to him as it bears his image and likeness. Thus, give to Caesar what is Caesar's. Jesus leaves hanging the obvious conclusion -- According to Genesis 1 who or what is made in God's image and likeness . . .
The testing continues -- the goofy Sadducee's question (they don't believe in the resurrection that is why they are "sad you see"). I love the seven brothers for one bride story just for its sheer creativity.The great commandment: old or new testament it is the same. Love God love your neighbor.

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