Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Need to Clean it out!

It is early Sunday morning. I spent the night last night at my Father's house because the sewers at my home in Liverpool have decided to stop working. This has been an on going problem with Onondaga County and the Village of Liverpool giving me the usual song and dance and finally telling me its my problem -- this at 9:00 on a Saturday night. Needless to say I spent the evening and last night frustrated and a little steamed.

This morning finds me reflecting on sewers and their functionality and necessity. It occurs to me that our homes need some way to remove waste from our environs. This keeps the home healthy and happy (and, frankly, smelling better). In the old days you could just dig a hole and later cover it up and nature would take care of things. I'm guessing digging a latrine in my back yard will not meet with universal approval from my neighbors (or my friends in the Village of Liverpool). So, I need that sewer, to take the "stuff" away from my home.

With all of the frustration of the day and night I am feeling like there is plenty of "stuff" in the emotional system of my life. What system do I have to clean out my emotional and spiritual drains? The good news is that through the gift of confession and prayer and holy conversation with friends on a Sunday I will be able to get my heart right (BEFORE worship) and I will be able to stand in church today free of that "stuff" that would otherwise poison my life. Isaiah 53:4 -- "Surely he has born our infirmities and carried our diseases. . ." Jesus takes the 'stuff' of our lives and takes it away.

Have a great Sunday!

Dr. BJ

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