Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Holy Week

Palm Sunday through Easter marks the central story and events of the Christian Faith. The events of the week are often observed and celebrated in real time. It was a Sunday that Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem and was hailed as the "King Come in Peace" by crowds shouting "Hosanna (save us!)" and waving the defacto national flag of Israel, the palm branch. It was three days later, on Wednesday that Judas went to the chief priests in Jerusalem and betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. It was the next day, Thursday, that Jesus gathered his community together and, in the midst of the ceremonial traditional first meal of Passover, the Seder, Jesus washed the disciples feet (demonstrating servant/leadership); Jesus took bread and cup and transformed the traditinonal Seder meanings into his body and blood; and, Jesus spoke his long farewell to his followers (See John 13-17).
Late that night Jesus is arrested. Over night he is abused, tried and dragged off to the home of the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate.
Friday, Jesus is tried before Pilate, he is condemned to crucifixion. After he is beaten he is nailed to a tree, around noon, he hangs there for three hours before he surrenders his spirit and dies. Late Friday his followers, with the help of a rich friend, take his body, wrap it in linen cloths and spices and place it in a newly cut tomb.
Saturday everyone rests, according to the commandment.
Early on Sunday -- Jesus is raised (but more on that later).

As I journey through this Holy Week, I want to see thing in real time as I walk with Jesus through his last week and final offering of his life for the sin (my sin) of the world.
Dr. Bj

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