Tuesday, March 27, 2012

John 11

     The death and resurrection of Lazarus reveals both Jesus' divine and human selves. It is a amazing study in contrasts. Jesus, the human being, is in a profound relationship of friendship with Mary, Martha and their brother Lazarus Jesus the human being is deeply grieved by their sorrow and the death of Lazarus. Jesus the human being is so deeply touched that he weeps with the grievers (11:35). Jesus, Son of God, is revealed in calling Lazarus from the dead. He prays to identify his connection to the Father, he speaks the word of command: "Lazarus, Come out!" (verse 43) and Lazarus comes out and needs to be unbound from the grave cloths.
     The unique nature of Jesus, that he is God and human at the same time, is difficult for the modern mind to grasp. We think he is "neither fish nor fowl" how can he be fully human and fully God at the same time. What we often miss is that this is just an elevated form of ourselves. God made angels who are fully spiritual. God made animals who are fully physical. God made humans "in the image and likeness of God" yet, out of the mire and clay of the earth. All human beings, according to the Bible, are both spiritual and physical beings. Jesus spiritual self as Son of God is a infinite number of magnitudes greater than our own but because of his dual nature we see in Jesus the perfected reflection of our own selves. What he truly is, is what we truly are.

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