Monday, November 5, 2012

2 Corinthians 1

Paul begins the letter with his usual greetings but proceeds to a time of "thanksgiving after affliction." The life of an apostle in the first century was fraught with danger. Paul experienced great difficulty in and around Ephesus, barely escaping with his life.

Apparently waffling was not a 20 or 21st century phenomenon. The Corinthians have been accusing Paul of saying "yes and no" at the same time. Paul reminds us that the answer in Jesus is always "yes!" Think how that might apply to day to day life. Imagine taking the promises and calling of Jesus Christ and knowing that the invitation is always "go" and the answer is always "yes". Should I help this person? (YES). Should I tell this person about Jesus (YES). Should I help and encourage fellow Christians on the way? (YES) Should I serve in this particular mission capacity? . . . the answer is always YES. When God says no you will know it. Too many fellow Christians are bound up in wanting to "know the will of God" when in reality for the Christ follower God's will is abundant and plain. "Do all the good you can in as many place as you can for as long as you can . . . " is how John Wesley, the founder of Methodism put it. That is our call. See a hungry person -- feed a hungry person. See a person who needs a coat, hat, mittens . . . do something about it. Share the gospel in every possible situation and, if necessary, use words (to paraphrase Francis of Assisi).

The calling of God is YES. Let's get after it.

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