Monday, April 29, 2013

2 Samuel

Here is my introduction to 2 Samuel:

2 Samuel continues the story in 1 Samuel without a break. Following the death of Saul, David is installed as King. 2 Samuel is often called the “Book of David” as it outlines the events of David’s adult life and his forty (40) years as King of Israel. Following the death of Saul there is a short-lived civil war in which David and his men prevail, and David is established as King in Jerusalem. The rest of the book reports the good and the bad of David’s reign.

2 Samuel can be outlined as follows:

·         2 Samuel 1      David mourns for Saul and Jonathan
·         2 Samuel 2-4  The early years of David’s reign
·         2 Samuel 5 - 12 David’s kingdom is established
·         2 Samuel 13-20 David and his Eldest Sons: Absolom’s Rebellion
·         2 Samuel 21-24 Records of events in David’s reign

            A vital lesson from 1 and 2 Samuel is that the leaders of the ancient past were fallible human beings. When we read of David’s adultery or Saul’s apostasy, we are reminded that we are also capable of this same type of behavior. David was not chosen by God because he was special – he became special because he was chosen.

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