Thursday, May 23, 2013

2 Kings Introduction

2 Kings is not a second book but the continuation of 1 Kings. In the same style and focus the author reports on the various kings of Samaria and Judah. A King is good if he follows the Lord’s commandments and takes care of the poor. A King is bad if he does not. A King is evil if he follows after foreign gods and practices.
2 Kings can be outlined as follows:

·         2 Kings 2 – 8:15          Stories of Elisha
·         2 Kings 8:16 – 17:41  Kings of Israel and Judah to the fall of Samaria
·         2 Kings 18 – 25  Kings of Judah to the fall of Jerusalem

            Vital lessons from Kings are the definition of a good and bad king (see above) and the ongoing realization that faithfulness to God leads to national security and safety but unfaithfulness leads to destruction.

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