Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vision for Christmas

I learned in the past week that I have a cataract. I tried to explain to the eye doctor that I was WAY TOO YOUNG to have such an old person's problem and he, the eye doctor, calmly explained to me that cataracts were not just for old people any more. Fortunately, for my sense of youth and exuberance, when I went to the specialist he told me that MY cataract was a different kind than what "old people" get, so I could leave his office with some sense of my immortality intact.

The surgery is quite interesting. They stick a probe in my eye, suck the old bad lens out and then put a brand new lens (with my prescription -- so I won't need glasses anymore) in my eye ball. The new lens is spring loaded so it calmly pops into place and I am read to go in a few hours. Pretty amazing stuff.

This close to Christmas I can't help but note that this is what becoming a follower of Jesus does for us. Faith in Jesus Christ is a lens replacement for our soul. We surrender our lives to Jesus, he sucks out the old bad lenses (rose colored? gritty? violent? lustful?) and replaces them with new lenses that allow us to see the world with clarity once again.

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Bill said...

I am praying for you and for the team as they work on your eye friend.

I like your analogy of the change in lenses, but I so wish God would dispose of the old lens so I can't keep looking back...

Love Bill