Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Burning Bushes

Exodus 3

I have in my office a work of art done by artist Bracha Levee that I purchased in Jerusalem in 1992. The title of the work is "The Burning Bush" and shows a arid mountainous landscape with a shrubbery in full flame in the fore ground. The colors of the flame are bright red and orange and from the midst of the flame two white wings arise. Exodus chapter 3 tells us "the Angel of the Lord" occupied the burning bush that Moses saw and Mr. Levee shows this with the wings amidst the flame.

I look at this artwork from time to time. I keep it on my office wall. I look at the picture and I wonder how did Moses hear God's voice? I look at the picture and I wonder about the burning bushes in my own life. Those moments when God unmistakeably spoke to me through the Bible, through friends, through circumstances and through prayer. I have never seen the angel wings (but I have felt their gentle brush on my face). I have never heard an audible voice from God (so don't call the guys with the white coats just yet) but when God has spoken to me there has been no doubt about it.

I need to be reminded of burning bushes and the call of God on individual lives and I feel that part of my responsibility as a pastor and leader in the church is to pour gasoline on the burning bushes of others. It is an awesome thing to be called, challenged, and sent by God. It would be a travesty if we poured water on the authentic visions and dreams of others.

Look to your side, do you see this strange sight? How often do we ignore the unusual all around us? For Moses it was a bush that was burning but it was not being consumed. What is the unusual for you? Your life can be set aflame by the power and spirit of God yet you remain uniquely you. Turn side and look at the thing God is doing, and look at the thing God is planning, and become part of something great!


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