Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A turning point with the same challenges

I was reading in Luke 9 this morning. Luke 9:51 is the turning point of the gospel according to Luke. It says "An Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem". Up until this point in the story Jesus is wandering with a purpose. He is preaching from town to town, healing the sick, caring for folks and proclaiming the message of God's amazing love. From Luke 9:51 Jesus is on a collision course for Jerusalem. He begins to openly confront the religious leadership, he begins to purposefully and resolutely begin a march toward his own crucifixion.

What interests me here is that in Luke 9:52 and following the Disciples, once again, demonstrate how clueless they can be (sounds like my life too!). James and John want to punish the Samaritan city that would not receive Jesus (because he was going to Jerusalem). They want to call down FIRE from heaven and destroy them. Jesus, who has just set his face on the final road, corrects them. I suspect he sighs, reminds them (AGAIN) about servant leadership, and resolutely moves forward.

Have you set your face toward what God has called you to do?


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