Monday, October 31, 2011

Uganda Mission 2011 -- Part 1

I will be posting excerpts from my Mission Journal over the next few weeks. I traveled to Uganda for the 5th time October 9 through 27 with 4 other friends; Two pastors (Pastor Linda Prell and Pastor Clair Mosher) and two educators (Barbara Walter and Kathy Walter). Our primary purpose was to work with Nexus Seminary, Uganda -- a training program for rural pastors in Uganda. Barb and Kathy will also be working the Blessed Primary School in Kirimandagi, Uganda. The Nexus curriculum is a 20 course certificate level training that is brought to the towns and villages of Uganda. The bulk of the teaching is done by Ugandan tutors under the direction of Rev. Davis Matovu.

ENTRY ONE and TWO (October 9 - 10) arriving 1:00 a.m. on the 11th.
Travel Days: Buffalo to JFK; JFK to Istanbul; Istanbul to Entebbe, Uganda, minibus to Kayebbe and Davis' home. Travel was uneventful, late out of Buffalo but plenty of time to catch the 11:00 out of JFK. Thoughts on the plane: I brought with me Leadership teaching and a five part teaching on the 1st century world, the world in which the Gospels were written. I've been reading in my daily Bible readings about the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem under Nehemiah and the Holy Week events as recorded by Luke. New travel tip: take ginger candy with me on future journeys. The ginger candy seems to have settled my stomach on the flights and later, I would discover they were helpful on the long drives.

In the night on the plane to Uganda I was reminded of a quote by C.S. Lewis that heaven has no rewards that mercenary soul would want. The person who is after sacks of gold or personal power or eternity to themselves is missing the point of the Gospel.Heaven offers eternal life -- 1 John reminds us that eternal life is knowing Jesus. Heaven offers Eternal relationships and a way to live in the here and how. Heaven offers the forgiveness of sins, freedom from laziness, freedom from petty attachments and freedom to align myself with the in breaking kingdom of God.

If I come to God looking for material, selfish things I will find grand disappointment. If I come looking for God I will find eternal joy and the very purpose for which I was created. Someone once said: aim your life for the things of earth and in the end there is nothing. However, if you aim your life for heaven you get earth thrown in as well (Matt 6:33).

That is day one/two of the travel journal.
Tomorrow - a day in Kampalla.

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