Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Uganda Mission 2011 -- Part 2

October 11: after sleeping in a bit (we didn't arrive at Davis home until nearly 4:00 a.m. Uganda time) we had a day of running around. There are always last minute details that have to be taken care of before we can begin our travels and teaching in earnest. There is the trip to the foreign exchange office -- time to change money. There are a dozen or more of these offices all located on the same busy Kampala street with the exchange rates posted on sandwich boards out front. One US dollar was going for 2840 Uganda Shillings. I took money for the team and myself and exchanged it all.

There was the annual visit to the Uganda Bible Society. They actually had Luganda translation Bibles -- last year when we stopped to get some we ended up in the down town books stores because the Bible Society did not have any Bibles (define irony). The promised new translation printed in parallel with English is still not finished -- I've been asking for it for 5 years now and they keep promising, keep promising . . .

The rest of the team did some preliminary work: Clair met with the folks who are putting on the annual "Mosher Youth Rally"; Linda met with Davis' wife, Samalie, regarding the Women's conference at the end of our journey. Kathy and Barb met with Davis' brother, Ronald, regarding his work with the Gayaza School for Girls, mathematics, and a Christian teacher's meeting they are setting up.

Tomorrow we begin the long drive to Mbale via Jinja.

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