Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mark 1

The thing that strikes me about chapter one is its urgency. Mark has no time for babies or shepherd or magi, he begins with "the beginning of the Good News!" and goes right to John the Baptist. In the RSV the word Immediately shows up 8 times in chapter 1. Things happen quickly, John is preaching, Jesus is baptized, the disciples are called a man is healed, an on it goes. The sheer action of the chapter jumps out at me.

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reagan family said...

what I love most about God's word is that even during the reading of this "introductory chapter" that I've read countless times, the Spirit arrives at the introduction of Jesus to ignite hope. I read the first chapter of Mark and immediately become infused with the knowledge of who Jesus is- believing in my spirit that I've been washed white upon this fundamental rock Jesus Christ. Urgency indeed- it reads like an early chapter of Acts. -josh