Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mark 2

I love the story of the healing of the paralytic in Capernaum (2:1-12). What I like most are the unnamed four friends carrying the mat with their friend on it, digging a hole through the roof and lowing their friend down through the hole in the roof into the presence of Jesus. On the spiritual journey we all need friends who will go well above and beyond the normal call of duty to help us into the presence of Jesus. These friends, carried their friend, they did physical damage to someone's home (dug a hole in the roof) all for the hope that Jesus could help their friend. The Christian life is impossible to live out alone, we need each other, we need close companions and we need fellow spiritual travelers who will go beyond the normal protocol to help us along the journey. The question of the day . . . who is holding your rope? Equally important: whose rope are you holding?


CasioKid said...

'A friend is a gift you give yourself'. Those that will accompany us through the good + bad, ups + downs, etc. are the most valuable. As Barbra Streisand sang "Who Can I Turn To"?
I go to the Rock Of My Salvation and my support group...most are my 'Faith Friends'.

Alicia Ticconi said...

Just a closer walk with the granted Jesus is my plea daily walking close to thee, none but thee, dear Lord none but thee.
When I read that chapter about Jesus healing the paralytic it really touched me, because I have friends that would do that for me. When I read the part about take up your mat and go home, it says to me, go you have been made well. Or take up your cross and follow me. In my favorite movie, Facing the Giants The coach, said to his very discouraged teamates what is impossible with God? The answer nothing. True friends love us no matter what the circumstance or situation may be.

Alicia Ticconi