Friday, October 12, 2012

1 John 3

We are in Kayini – medical clinic and teaching day

“And this is his commandment that we should believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and love one another, just as he has commanded us (3:23).” A recurring theme in the New Testament is the idea that what we believe is less important than what we actually do. Or, more clearly put, what we do reveals what we truly believe. Jesus says to be doers of the word and not hears only; James says faith (empty belief) without works is dead; Paul speaks about “faith working through love.” The key is that it is not enough to just say words or just confess we accede to a particular thought or idea or theology. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the proof of the Christ follower is seen in the actual choices and decisions of our lives. In 1 John this idea is expressed in what happens when we say we believe. If we believe we “love one another.” What we say is lived out in community and in making a difference in the world.

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