Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Titus 3

We are in Gayaza – medical clinic and graduate meeting.

Paul goes on to say: be good citizens be ready to do every good work – speak evil of no one and avoid quarreling. My favorite: show every courtesy to everyone (3:1-2). I wonder if negative spewing and loud mouth Christians ever read this passage. We have lost our sense of courtesy. We have lost our sense of respect. As Christians we must be the first to “give all due respect” especially the ones we disagree with. I have always appreciated C.S. Lewis comment that not everything of everyone else’s religion is wrong. Some are much closer to the truth than others and there is something valuable to be learned from all of them. If we approached each and every dialogue and discussion (in the public as well as the private realm) by extending respect and courtesy – ours would be a much nicer world.
Once again Paul reminds them to not get hung up on endless quarrels and stupid controversies. How easy it is for us to fight to be right even if we are “dead” right. If the debate destroys relationships the debate was wrong – no matter how right or true we think we are – it would be better to walk away. Once again (12 – 15) Paul concludes with greetings to and from those he is traveling with to those he is writing to.

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