Friday, November 11, 2011

Kikyusa Day One

After yesterday's celebration and commissioning of the well, I begin four days of teaching in the Luweero district. Today I pinch hit for Linda (still out but getting better) at the Jesus at Work Seminar. I preached about the three near anonymous persons who helped St. Paul get launched in his Apostolic career. There is a disciple in Damascus named Ananias who came and prayed for Paul even though Ananias was afraid to do so. There were the unnamed "disciples of Paul" who lowered him down from the Damascus wall in a basket. And, finally, there is Barnabas (son of encouragement) who defends and introduces Saul/Paul to the Apostles in Jerusalem (read Acts 9). God will use us if we stay connected, if we are willing, if we follow and, finally if we actually GO!

Preached the above at the Pastor Elisha's church in Kikyusa. The event was the "Jesus at Work" seminar and Pastor Clair was going to be doing most of the "heavy lifting". I thought the congregation was energetic and very responsive. Clair took over afterwards and I headed over to Pastor Moses church (about 10 miles out of town) to teach the graduating Nexus class.

I brought with me a five lecture series generally titled "Palestine of Jesus Time" and began with "From Malachi to Matthew" -- this lecture looks at the political build up to the New Testament beginning with the Assyrians 600 BC, through the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and finally the Romans. It was well received. Davis especially liked it. I follow lunch with "In the Fullness of Time" which looks at the conditions of the first century Roman empire and how those conditions encouraged the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We decided to video tape the entire series for Davis and his team to use as a teaching tool in the future. In the hermeneutic approach to studying the Bible understanding the history, culture, etc. of the first century world is vital. So, tomorrow we will be working on taping all five (which means I get to repeat the two I did today) and we will go from there.

It was a great day. I have spent a lot of time with this graduating class. I first met with them at a "come and check it out" event 3 years ago. I taught on SHAPE for ministry and a few other things. I spent two days with them two years ago and again last year and finally this year as they come up for graduation. It is a good class with many excellent leaders and good pastors. Pastor Moses is a fine example of this. He has some sponsors in the UK and has built an orphanage, a school a church and a farm about 10 miles out of Kikyusa. It is quite impressive.

Next -- the long day of teaching all five lectures (and another visit with Grace and Naphtal).

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