Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaching on the Mountain

East of Mbale is the road to Mt. Elgon and Sippi falls. We headed east of Mbale and up the western slope of these mountains. On the side of one of these mountains near the base of another spectacular waterfall is a tiny village and Pastor Margret's church. The village is predominantly Muslim and this one tiny church is the sum total of any obvious Christian presence. The church is called "Jesus Warriors". This is where Margret grew up and though she lives in Mbale she climbs this mountain to preach, to teach and to lead this congregation. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been. Waterfall to the east and the wide plain stretched out to the west. We can see Mbale below us and the long road West.

When we arrived the church was in full worship and, since I was going to be here for the whole day, we settled in and joined the song and dance. Since I was told that the Christians here were fairly new believers I decided to teach on Discipleship. How we begin as Christ followers, the journey inward, SHAPE for ministry and choosing to serve. I was impressed with the leadership in this place (a reflection of Margret's gifts). Margret spoke of her passion to plant a church in her home village and the people in her church community were clearly drawn into that passion and vision.

I got to wear my near Wellies going down the mountain (it rained while we were teaching). The hill side was the Uganda form of a slip and slide and me and my new boots managed to stay upright.

We went to Bishop Sam's for dinner tonight and were received by his family and spent a pleasant evening with them.

At breakfast today I spent time helping Barb put her talk together. Pastor Margret and Pastor Phillip joined us for breakfast. Barb and Kathy were talking about forgiveness and moving forward. Forgiveness is surrendering my right to revenge . . .

Adventures in travel: Clair blew a fuse in his C-Pap machine (that helps him breathe at night) we cobbed something together but our best hope is Kampala. The machine works fine but when the power is out (and it goes up at least once a day here in Mbale) he needs the battery back up. Linda came back from her teaching without a voice . . . we would later assume some kind of Strep Throat but she is pretty sick and we have put her on the sidelines for Sunday morning. This means Kathy and Barb will be going out individually instead of as a team. Should be good for both of them. . .

 Saturday in Uganda . . . tomorrow is Sunday!


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