Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunday in Mbale with Bishop Sam

Preached at Bishop Sam's church this morning. Actually we did an all morning seminar on leadership. I taught the essentials of leadership:
Leader's first responsibility is to grow him/herself: cannot teach what we do not know, cannot lead where we have never been and we cannot give away what we do not have.
Leader's are people of vision: vision is a picture of the preferred future: leader doesn't have to originate the vision but the leader has to be its champion.
Leader's are humble: humility is using your power in the service of others.
Leader's create culture where the vision can be lived out
Leaders lead with integrity - do what you say, say what you do
Authority is shared responsibility is borne
Leadership is influence: influence is formed in relationships
And so on:
I was working with Bishop Sam this morning and our new friend Oscar. One interesting feature of Bishop Sam's church is that there are several languages spoken in the congregation. I was teaching in English, Sam was translating in Lugandan and another man in the congregation was translating into the local tribal language of Busogi. I felt like it was a Pentecost kind of day -- we were all teaching the same thing in multiple tongues.
Linda is still ill and we are trying to decide whether to put her on a plane home, to leave her at Davis home to recover or to take her with us up to Luweero . . .
Kathy went up the mountain (to the Jesus Warrior's church where I was yesterday). She forgot her notes and had to depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit (good idea!)
Clair preached twice this morning and Barb also had a good day.
One consequence of Linda being out is that Barb and Kathy had to go to separate places to preach instead of working together as we had originally planned.
One our way back to Davis' home we stopped to say hi to our friend Moses Wasige in Jinja, Moses is building a congregation on the west bank of the Nile. On my first journey to Uganda in 2007 I was Privileged to stay with Moses and his wife Edith in Luzinga for a weekend -- Saturday seminar and Sunday worship.
We are trying to look for ways to give that would keep on giving. The brick making machine idea from Mbale is an excellent example of this -- it would provide some jobs and would enhance the church's ability to do what it feels called to do. The well project in Kirimandagi is another example of this. It is something that helps the church the school is tangible but would have been out of their reach.
We are back near Kampala tonight and tomorrow we head up to Luweero and the Well Commissioning.

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